A revolution in loose powder application the Caressa Kahn double sided flock puff. 

Offering tighter tolerances on manufacture reducing fit problems. The availability of more complex shapes. 

Budget friendly pricing. But above all superior application characteristics with proven consumer acceptance. Choose your style including flock colour and grade, ribbon colour, shape and decoration. 

There are a wide range of choices. Let the experienced design team at Caressa Kahn assist you with your decisions. 

Soft-Edge Satin

Soft-Edge Satin is a new synthetic satin-finish backing material that has the advantage of perfectly soft turned-in edge. 

A puff made using Soft-Edge Satin is washable and the edge will not fray. The surface is easy-clean and will not hold stray powder. 

Soft-Edge Satin is an excellent new way to enhance the look and quality of your compact powder packaging.