Making of the Name: Caressa Kahn 

L Kahn Manufacturing, widely recognised as Caressa Kahn is a long established manufacturer of cosmetic applicator products. 

The company L Kahn Manufacturing was founded in 1932 by Mr H Michel in a small shop in London. Mr Michel came from Germany where he was working with his uncle Mr L Kahn, manufacturing products for fashion industry. This is the origin of the name   L Kahn Manufacturing Company Limited. 

The Caressa name which was born in the 1950’s was used as a more cosmetic name to trade abroad and was also the name of the powder puff brand before powder puffs were placed into the compacts. Caressa was the name of Mr H Michel’s daughter. 

The company has a long history of manufacturing various different fashion items. Items such as handbags and toiletry bags were standard items in the range. 

During the War effort the company produced parachutes. The business is now totally focused on the manufacture and distribution of applications devices for the cosmetics industry. 

The manufacturing was moved from the shop in 1934 to the manufacturing site located in 527 Harrow Road London. Mr L Michel, Mr H Michel’s brother joined the business in 1934 and was responsible for the production facility in Harrow for many year. 

The building of the new town Hatfield presented the perfect opportunity, the council built the present Hatfield facility which was opened in 1956. The position was more accessible from London and the facility was perfect for the textile manufacturing. 

L Kahn Manufacturing was the first company in the world to produce a flocked foam puff. 

As the company expanded Mr Michel was joined by his children, Wendy, Robert, Benjamin and Andrew who over the years have taken various positions of responsibility in the Firm. Richard Michel, a grandson, is today the companies Managing Director.